Dissemination of the CRIMHUM Project

Erasmus+ project card at the European Comission website (in English)

Information on the Web-sites of the Partners:

Information about Erasmus+ projects at the Graz University website (in German) and at the website of the Institute for criminal law, criminal procedure law and criminology (in German)

Information at the Aix Marseille University website (in French)

Information at Louis Favoreu Institute at the Aix-Marseille Université and Association francophone chercheurs Pays de l'Est - Association of french-speaking researchers on Eastern Countries (in French)

Information at the website of the Law Faculty of the Vilnius University (in Lithuanian and English)

 Main Page of the Belarusian State University, its International Office and Law Faculty (in Belarusian and Russian)

Information at the Yanka Kupala Hrodna State University (in Russian) and its International Office websites (in Russian and English)

Information at the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv website (in Ukrainian)

Information at the Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University website (in Ukrainian and in English)

Information at the National University “Odesa Law Academy” website (in Ukrainian)

Information in Media:

A presentation (report) of the CRIMHUM Project and results of the survey at the International Conference on Legal Education at the Academy of the Ministry of Interior (December, 5 2019, Minsk, Belarus) (in Russian)

An Article in “Pravo.by” (Belarusian Professional Legal Journal) about CRIMHUM and results of the survey of graduates (in Russian)

An Article in “Вісник асоціації кримінального права України” (Bulletin of the association of criminal law of Ukraine) about CRIMHUM and results of the survey of graduates (in Ukrainian)

A presentation of the CRIMHUM Project by QM at the Erasmus+ National online Seminar in Minsk (in Russian) + Video

An Article in "Криміналіст першодрукований" (A First Printed Criminalist) (in Ukrainian)

Involving in other Projects: