CRIMHUM Project Manager Professor Thomas Krüßmann visited Minsk this week. He was honored to be invited directly by the BSU Law Faculty for a week of teaching, had the opportunity to meet with the new Dean, Dr. Tatyana Mikhalyova, work with colleagues from CRIMHUM administration and also to meet the students of the first CRIMHUM Master programme in Minsk.

One topic of discussion was how to respond to the invitation to hold an event in the framework of the ErasmusDays 2020. One possibility that emerged was to focus entirely on Ukraine.

Having met our CRIMHUM students in Minsk, Prof. Thomas Krüßmann was under the impression that they had little understanding what kind of EU programme stood behind their studies, which overall direction the project is taking etc. etc. The impression was that our CRIMHUM project could be making a difference here in terms of creating some "esprit de corpse" among our students, to give them an opportunity to share their concerns, make international friendships and successively involve into this network also students from our West European partner universities.

During the visit, Professor Thomas Krüßmann gave a series of lectures and seminars on criminal law and procedure for bachelor students. The topics were "The role of criminal law in regulating the past", "Electronic evidence in the fight against transnational crime". The lectures sparked discussion and exchange of views.

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