In November, the project team began implementing a new activity. As part of the pilot training, lectures for the master students of the new program in the field of criminal justice are delivered by experts from universities of the European Union.

The first lectures for undergraduates in Kharkiv (16-17.11), Minsk (24-25.11) and Odesa (26.11) were delivered by prof. Thomas Krussmann (University of Graz). The lectures were devoted to the action of criminal law in space.

During the lectures, Professor Thomas Kruessmann provided interaction with the students, offering them various tasks to solve.

First prof. Kruessmann for the developing of the project and approbation of it’s materials conducted the session of classes with master's students, Institute of Prosecution and Criminal Justice, Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University.

During the classes the concept of human rights as a "shield and sword" in criminal law was considered, and prospects for the development of positive obligations of states in the sphere of human rights were analyzed. Great attention was paid to the life cycle of criminal law and its action in time and space. The emphasis was placed on cases of hate crimes in the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights, and also on the cases of humanitarian rescue operations in the Mediterranean in the jurisprudence of the Court of Justice of the EU.

Olena Kharytonova, a member of the Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University group of CRIMHUM project developers, thanked Prof. Thomas Kruessmann on behalf of all participants of the approbation for extremely interesting and important lectures, and expressed the belief that the implementation of the project ideas is a significant step towards the development of human rights-based legal education, and cooperation between universities within the project will continue to develop.

Based on the results of the lectures, students expressed their opinions in the questionnaires. Here are some of the experiences:

Speaking for myself, of course I do find it helpful. The international activities and international point of view, confronting new experiences and challenging tasks, stepping out of the comfort zone will always be a great opportunity to grow up and develop personal skills and abilities. Also as a side mission can be learning and developing a new language, to be able to explain myself at any situation.”

“…it is very useful both in "normal" time, and especially in the context of distance learning. Such lectures deepen the knowledge gained during classes and allow a more meaningful approach to the study of individual issues.”

They [the lecture] are enough interactive. It`s a new experience for Ukrainian students to have lectures in English with foreign lecturer.”

Due to the upcoming exam period, the remaining teachings for Hrodna and Lviv from University of Graz will be held in the second half of January 2021.


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