Despite all the obstacles that exist and appear in today's world, our project managed to hold the First Summer School. And for this event we should be grateful to the team of the National University "Odessa Law Academy" headed by Professor Vyacheslav Tulyakov. The event took place on September 27-29, 2021.

For objective reasons, the Summer School (or as it was dubbed Indian Summer School) was held in a mixed format. Most of the participants were able to come to Odessa. However, the Belarusian participants were forced to participate through online technologies, which were organised by the host country at a high level.

For a year and a half, the project participants communicated only online, and on September 27 they gathered on Fontanskaya Street in Odessa. The event was opened by welcoming words of the Vice-Rector of the National University "Odessa Law Academy" Professor Vyacheslav Tulyakov, Project Manager Professor Thomas Krüssmann, Project Quality Manager Dr. Vadzim Samaryn.

During an intensive three days, the participants were to share the skill and methodology of teaching academic disciplines in the field of criminal justice. The beginning was laid by Professor Vyacheslav Tulyakov (Odessa), who revealed the application of the current jurisprudence of the ECHR court in teaching criminal law. He then showed the participants the campus of the host university.

The project manager Professor Thomas Krüssmann conducted a workshop with the participation of students on the methodology of teaching disciplines developed within the framework of the CRIMHUM project. At the same time, feedback was received from master-students.

The second half of the first day was devoted to French criminal justice. The participants got acquainted with the peculiarities of the French criminal procedure (Dr. Frederico Albernaz, Aix-Marseille Université), as well as special juvenile proceedings (Professor Philippe Bonfils, Aix-Marseille Université). The reports caused a discussion and the posing of questions, which were clarified by the lecturers. It is understandable that you rarely find information about French law in English. These lectures helped in teaching the CRIMHUM discipline "European Criminal Procedure and Law".

Tuesday began with questions of morality in the activities of law enforcement agencies. Professor Oksana Kaplina (Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University) spoke about her experience of teaching the discipline "Ethics of public prosecutor / judge / investigator" on the example of the topic "Ethics in the work of an investigator."

The next two lectures showed the possibility of forming an understanding of the use of special knowledge in criminal proceedings among master-students. The first lecture dealt with the use of scientific evidence in criminal proceedings (Assoc. Professor Gabriele Juodkaite-Granskiene and Assoc. Professor Andrej Gorbatkov, Vilnius University). And PostDoc Researcher Nina Kaiser from University of Graz tried to present the balance of interests in the course of expert research within the lecture “Medical Examinations in Criminal Proceedings and Human Rights with particular regard to the (forcibly) use of imaging techniques in age determination procedures”.

The lecture part of the second day ended with a topical lecture on the possibility of panalising acts related to COVID-19, for example, refusing to vaccinate (Dr. Olha Denkovych, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv).

Plunging into deep thoughts, the participants went to investigate Odesa and its connection with the Masons.

The third day showed the possibilities of filing material on negotiations and mediation in criminal proceedings. The issues of the relationship between the criminal procedure and the conciliation procedure were presented by Dr. Anush Tumanyants, Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University.

Then the participants were presented with a dictionary prepared for students by teachers of the National University "Odessa Law Academy". The work with the dictionary was shown when it was necessary to analyse the English-language international legal instruments.

The final lecture was an analysis of the ethical side of the prosecutor's activities (Dr. Andrii Lapkin, Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University). Dr. Andrii Lapkin is the head of the team of authors of the textbook “Ethics of public prosecutor / judge / investigator”. He said that the publication has already been transferred to the publishing house.

At the end of the Summer School 2021, the project manager, Professor Thomas Krussmann, together with the Vice-rector of the National University of Odessa Law Academy, Professor Vyacheslav Tulyakov, presented the participants with certificates and summed up the results of the event. Online certificates were sent to the participants by e-mail.

We hope that we will continue this tradition next year.




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Video about the event on the CRIMHUM YouTube Channel.

We are glad to announce the launch of the Project YouTube channel. You will find it here: CRIMHUM - YouTube.

There will be premiere tomorrow!!!

In the project, we conduct annual surveys of students to obtain feedback.

But there is nothing better than graphs, numbers and diagrams... no, no, no... in fact, words spoken by the students themselves.

Let's see Anna Kostyukevich from the Belarusian State University tomorrow.

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We are pleased to announce that partner universities in Ukraine have successfully completed the joint procurement of IT equipment to support training under the modernised Master's program in criminal justice.

The equipment arrived at the National University "Odessa Law Academy", the Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University and the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.

We expect that in the coming months the equipment will be installed in each of the universities in a separate classroom and not only CRIMHUM undergraduates and teachers, but also other students will be able to use it.

We are pleased to announce that the "ice has been broken" and the first course book has come out of print within the CRIMHUM project.

In is common work of EU-experts and Project Quality Manager (Belarusian State University) - European Criminal Law and Procedure.

The course is comprehensive, as it addresses issues of European criminal law and European criminal procedure. The issues of harmonisation of these branches of the law of the European Union are also covered.


The book is intended for students of the specialty "Jurisprudence", master students of the specialty "Jurisprudence", graduate students, teachers of law schools, as well as for practitioners, researchers and anyone interested in the problems of justice in criminal cases.

The course book is approved for use in the educational process in Belarus. 


In the near future, the course book will be available for download in the CRIMHUM E-Library.

Video-presentation is on the CRIMHUM YouTube Channel.

For 8 months, experts from CRIMHUM teams in Minsk and Hrodna, based on the recommendations of experts from EU universities, compiled lists of books needed for training in new master's programs in the field of criminal justice.

And so, in January 2022, the purchase of literature was finished. Now the libraries of the law faculties of the Belarusian State University and the Hrodna State University present modern literature in English, German and Russian.

The purchase of new literature will allow students to qualitatively prepare not only for classes and exams, but also to engage in scientific research.

Each book is provided with a sticker on the financial support of the European Union.




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