Sveučilište u Rijeci - University of Rijeka
Faculty of Law, University of Rijeka

The Faculty of Law is a part of the University of Rijeka. The beginning of the Study of Law goes back to 1973. In 1976, the Faculty of Law became an independent higher education institution. The Faculty currently carries out six study programmes. It has been organising various academic and teaching activities, e. g. International Summer School of Human Rights, Petar Simonetti Legal Experts Counselling, Petar Šarčević International Scientific Conference etc. In the past few years, the Faculty has seen an increase in international cooperation, both in scientific and teaching activities. As part of Erasmus, SEELS (South East European Law School Network), Tempus programmes and other projects, a number of lecturers and students have visited higher education institutions abroad. The international dimension of the Faculty is emphasized by the presence of a growing number of Erasmus students and professors. The academic staff is thoroughly involved in legislative processes, being members of working groups and commissions on national and international level. The Faculty of Law employs distinguished scholars from various fields, including criminal law and criminal procedure. The professors have an established network of contacts within the EU and outside it, including countries in transition.